Date: Friday 1 June 2018

08:30 Registration and poster setup
09:00 Opening and welcome by Lisa Wagner
09:15 Keynote by Michela Matteoli introduced by Tania López Hernández
    “A long journey with the synapse: from the SNARE function to the immune-synaptopathies concept”
10:15 Structure Biology/Development/Physiology session chaired by Antoine Wallabregue
10:15 Daniel Stöppler (FMP, FU)
    “Insight into small molecule binding to the neonatal Fc receptor by X-ray crystallography and 100kHz magic-angle-spinning NMR”
10:30 Jesse Veenvliet (MPIMG)
  “tGastruloids: a 3D culture system to model mid-gestational development in a dish”
10:45 Ian Orozco (MDC, FMP)
    “A gain of function mutation in the ClC-2 chloride channel causes hyperaldosteronism”
11:00 Career Development parallel sessions and Networking (coffee provided)
– CV check by Sandra Krull, Konstantina Diamantara, Hanna Singer, Stefanie Scharf
– Scientific visualisation by Philipp Jordan
– Grant writing workshop by Ioannis Legouras
– Meet the keynote speaker
12:00 Imaging session chaired by Lisa Wagner
12:00 Min-Chi Ku (MDC)
    “A heart/hard condition: Imaging the progression of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”
12:15 Baptiste Coxam (MDC, BIH)
    “Interplay of Notch signaling and haemodynamics controls arteriovenous remodeling in the zebrafish trunk”
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Posters
14:30 Systems Biology session chaired by Sebastiaan van Heesch
14:30 Katharina Baum (MDC and LIH (Luxembourg Institute of Health))
    “Gene expression at the interface of single cell and population dynamics – a quantitative approach to infer mRNA and protein dynamics from omics data”
14:45 Emanuel Wyler (BIMSB; MDC)
     “Dissecting the expression dynamics of signaling genes in HSV-1 infection using single-cell RNA-sequencing”
15:00 Katrina Meyer (MDC)
     “Mutations in disordered regions cause disease by creating dileucine motifs”
15:15 Frederick Rehfeld (Charité)
    “The novel RNA-binding protein ARPP21 controls dendritic branching by functionally opposing the miRNA it hosts”
15:30 Coffee with (optional) fitness session sponsored by Campus Vital
16:00 Neurobiology session chaired by Sarah Ashley
16:00 Zohreh Farsi (MDC)
    “Functional mapping of spontaneous and evoked neurotransmission reveals intersynaptic heterogeneity”
16:15 Maria Jäpel (FMP)
    “Clearance of SNARE Complexes by the scaffold protein intersectin”
16:30 Marion Rivalan (Charité, HU)
“Spontaneous differences in serotonin levels and associated behavioural symptoms in healthy rat individuals”
16:45 Tolga Soykan (FMP)
    “Towards a mechanistic model of formin-dependent synaptic vesicle endocytosis”
17:00 Closing summary, Beer hour starts
17:15 Awards


The best talks and poster will be chosen by participants’ vote on the day.

The postdoc/final year PhD student giving the overall best talk will be awarded a full travel grant to a conference/training course of their choice. The maximum cost covered will be 2000 EUR.

The postdocs/final year PhD students giving the runner-up talks (3) will be awarded a half travel grant to a conference/training course of their choice. The maximum cost covered will be 1000 EUR.

The best poster will be awarded a Nikon camera.


Deadline for submitting abstracts for talks and posters is 1 May 2018.

Abstracts selected for a talk will be notified by 10 May 2018, at the latest.

Registration, for attendance only, is possible up till 25 May 2018.