Postdoc Day 2017 was open for all interested Postdocs and last-year PhD students, besides excellent science and a great opportunity for networking,  coffee was provided, catering and the legendary Campus Buch Beer Hour!

We had some pretty great prizes for you in 2017:

1x iPhone 6S with ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens (kindly provided by Zeiss); 3x Travel grants for a conference or meeting of choice (kindly provided by the MDC, FMP and BIH) and 1x Nikon 3D camera (kindly provided by Nikon). Also, we’ll give away 3×60 euro vouchers for Campus Vital to keep all of you (or, at least three of you) fit and happy!

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us