Some additional information on privacy aspects during the PostDoc Day.

The PostDoc Day (“PDD”) is hosted by the joint PostDoc Associations of MDC and FMP.

The website is hosted by the MDC.

Personal Information

As all of you are aware, we have used a Google Form tool for collecting your registration details. We would like to include here the information provided by Google regarding their commitment to GDPR compliance.

Blog post (11 May 2018)
Google Cloud GPDR statement

The data collected from your registration is only available to the Google account held individually by the postdoc reps. As always, we can be contacted at (FMP postdoc reps) (MDC postdoc reps) (FMP+MDC postdoc reps) (MDC postdoc office)
Our individual emails can be found at

The data collected is maintained on Google as much as possible to limit further distribution to other potential retrieval systems, where it will be hard to track who the information has been given to, and whether they comply with any correction or deletion requests.

The data that you have provided has to be processed for the purpose of the PDD, namely: selection of oral and poster presentations, creation of name badges, creation of the abstract booklet, communication relating to the PDD.

Only the relevant parts of the data that you have provided were passed to third parties for printing of the abstract book.

We point out that we have explicitly asked for your consent when preparing the hard copy attendee list that is to be distributed at the PDD. The hard-copy attendee list will become the property of each attendee who obtains one and they will be responsible for ensuring secure and respectful storage, usage and disposal of this hard copy list.

The information that you have shared will be stored and processed at least until the end of the PPD that you have signed up for. Within 2 years after the PDD, the information that you have provided will be anonymized (name, email address, authors and abstracts removed) but some other information will be retained for improving and optimising our registration and publicity strategy in future years. It is expected that we will convert many parts of the data into a more aggregate form over time (e.g. percentage of attendees from each institute rather than individual entries).

You can email us to obtain a copy of the data that we have from you. If there are errors, you can correct them yourself before the closing of the abstract deadline. Otherwise, you can ask us to correct them. If you revoke the use of your data and ask us to delete the data we hold on you, we will do so as promptly as possible. If you revoke the use of your data before the end of the PDD, and this affects our need to process your data for the PDD, this may mean that your participation at the PDD may also have to be revoked.


We plan to take photos during the PostDoc Day. These photos will be used for our Twitter feed, and may also be used in future promotional materials for the PostDoc Day (in 2019 and onwards). Our Twitter feed can be found at

If you wish to be excluded from photos while you are in the audience in the lecture theatre, please sit on the front right corner of the lecture theatre (right-hand side of the audience, up to 5 rows of seats). We will avoid taking photos of any faces in this section and only the back of your head will appear (if at all).

No photos of posters at a readable distance will be taken without your explicit verbal consent. Similarly, please ask before taking close-up photos of other people’s posters.

For speakers, we would like to take a photo of you during your talk (with the background being one of the introductory slides) to publicise your work and achievements on Twitter. Please let us know if you are happy for this happen (and if you wish, provide a Twitter handle or other social media profile), by replying to this email and ideally also informing your chair, otherwise only your name and presentation topic will be tweeted without a photo.

We do not expect that personally identifiable photos will be taken in general. Some photos may be taken at the coffee sessions, lunch and the beer hour. In particular, if you are happy to be photographed, please fold at least one corner of your attendee badge and display it prominently. We will endeavour to ensure that your preferences are respected and of course, if anything is posted that you are unhappy with, we will remove it immediately.

Interaction during the PDD

We may use Kahoot during the PDD to collect feedback and instant responses from the audience. Participation is voluntary and will require the use of your own mobile device. From their privacy policy, no personal information is collected or stored without anonymization after the feedback results have been displayed on the screen. Moreover, we choose not to store the results — once the quiz is finished, we will not download the information provided.